Charity Challenge 2022 - Week 3 Night 5

Last night Rachel clinched her win of the 2022 Charity Challenge. We still have two weeks of gaming and raising funds for CAMH, so please keep coming back and following along.

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The Choice

Well I lost the whole thing yesterday, so the choice comes to me. Tonight we’ve decided to go with one of our favourite games to play together to sorta reset for the final two weeks of the competition.

Tonight we’ll be playing Ticket to Ride (Nordic)

The Game

Ticket to Ride is a really fun game that we all enjoy, but it typically doesn’t play amazingly well for two players, but Nordic Countries solves that. The map and routes are designed specifically with 2 and 3 player configurations in mind.

If you don’t know what Ticket to Ride is it’s an insanely popular game built around collecting sets of cards to build train routes across a map. As you play you will collect destination tickets, and completing the routes on those tickets will get you points. But be careful, if you don’t finish your tickets you will get minus points.

To learn more about Ticket to Ride check out this video.

The Result

Ahhhh, I can win a game! Tonight it felt like I was ahead of most of the time and I managed to win 119 to 106. We had a fun game, but Rachel got a little bogged down looking for some blue trains, which I unknowingly was holding them away from her.

That completes week 3, we’ll see you next week for week 4 and Rachel’s trophy ceremony.