Charity Challenge 2020 - Thank You

And with that, the Charity Challenge is complete for another year!

Thank you all so much for following along. This year was different in a couple of ways – COVID meant that mental health was more important than ever. It also meant that our lives were disrupted and nothing seemed normal. We also have a baby coming at the end of November meaning we had to do the charity challenge a month early this year. So in a year where nothing was normal about the Charity Challenge or the year itself your love and support gave us a little bit of normal. Thank you all for that.

And thank you for your wonderful contributions to CAMH. We set out with a goal this year of $600 and we managed to get across the line and raise $675. We’re extremely proud of this and more than anything we are extremely grateful.

From the bottom of our hearts we’d like to thank everyone who donated:

  • Reed
  • Sara
  • Scott
  • Charlene
  • Mom & Dad
  • Barbara
  • Nathan
  • Joanna and Gaurav
  • Craig
  • Benjamin K
  • Adam

If you’d like to get in a last minute donation to help make our lives more difficult next year when we try to match the number, you can do so here.

Thank you all so much, we will see you next year!