Charity Challenge 2021 - Week 2 Night 4 & 5

Welcome back to a slightly delayed end of Week 2 update. First of all thank you to Charlene for being our latest donor, bringing us up to $205 of our $600 goal – we’re doing great and I really appreciate you all following along and donating if possible!

If you’d like to donate to our campaign in support of CAMH, you can do so here.

Before we get started I wanted to quickly explain the delay, not because I feel the need to explain or anything but because it is relevant to this challenge, and part of this month is to share stories when it comes to mental health.

The last week or two have been a lot – too much frankly. I’ve had the issues at Saige’s school previously mentioned, work has been a bit insane and there really hasn’t been part of my life that hasn’t been hyper active or boiling over.

It’s been overwhelming. Throughout I’ve been doing what I can to lean on Rachel and I’ve been working with my doctor to take steps towards keeping me on track. I don’t know if I’m doing enough, but I am at the very least doing something.

And I guess maybe that’s what I want to share. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or are unsure about the state of your mental health, be it anxiety, depression or even just good ol’ fashioned burnout take some simple step. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it doesn’t have to be a decision that will make long and lasting impact – just take a step. Name what you’re feeling, tell a friend or your partner. Talk to your doctor. Find a therapist and setup an appointment. Take a shower. Go for a walk.

This shit is hard. Life is sometimes hard. You won’t solve the world’s problems all at once, it’ll only ever happen one step at a time. So take that first step now – future you will thank now you.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program…

Night 4

At this point in the week Rachel has already won week 2 in a clean sweep so the decision making for game selection was in my hands. I’ve decided to pick Rachel’s highest win %’age game – the goal being to widdle away at the games she is best at so she can’t call them later in the competition

For Night 4 I selected Metro X – to learn more about Metro X you can see the blog post from when we played the game last year

This was really close. The final score was 40 to 37 and I was right behind Rachel. Not much to separate us and I think on another night I could have won this. I’ll get her next time!

Night 5

It looks like my plan to lose at a bunch of Rachel’s best games in a week I’ve already lost is working out just fine. Look, I’m trying to win here! It’s just not working out, Rachel took her first week loss really hard.

To close out this week and to try and stop Rachel winning a clean sweep in the week I’ve decided to pick Sagani, another of Rachel’s favourites. There’s a lot riding on this game, because there’s NEVER been a clean sweep in any of the six years we’ve been doing this.

To learn more about Sagani you can check out this video.

Well – Metro X was close, Sagani WAS NOT. Rachel’s clear advantage in this game (and the fact that I’m apparently quite bad it) really played out. I ended up losing by A LOT and Rachel completed her clean sweep of the week – again a first time clean sweep by anyone in this competition.

This is a very badly played Sagani board…

I’ll be back next week to fight back and hopefully stop my *SIX* game losing streak.

And that ends the week…

Thank you everyone for following along. I apologize for this abbreviated catch up post, we’ve managed to get us caught up to only 2 days behind and by the end of this week we’ll be back on schedule. Tomorrow we’ll be back with our normal format and kicking week 3 off right.