Charity Challenge 2021 - Week 3 Night 2

Welcome back to week 3 of our Charity Challenge, raising funds for CAMH! We’re now at $505 of our $600 goal – a huge thanks to Scott for his recent donation which took a big chunk out of our goal! I’m pretty confident we can crush our $600 goal, thank you all for donating and following along.

If you would like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

Since I beat Rachel in Night 1 at Azul she gets to choose to get us started tonight. She’s decided this week we’re going to spend sometime with the household classics. So tonight Rachel has selected Ticket to Ride (we’ll be playing the Nordic Countries edition).

The Game

Ticket to Ride is a really fun game that we all enjoy, but it typically doesn’t play amazingly well for two players, but Nordic Countries solves that. The map and routes are designed specifically with 2 and 3 player configurations in mind.

If you don’t know what Ticket to Ride is it’s an insanely popular game built around collecting sets of cards to build train routes across a map. As you play you will collect destination tickets, and completing the routes on those tickets will get you points. But be careful, if you don’t finish your tickets you will get minus points.

To learn more about Ticket to Ride check out this video.

The Result

This was a game of 3 parts. The first portion of the game Rachel took a small lead and managed to hold it. The second portion we more or less tied up and stayed neck and neck until the last say 10-15% of the game. The difference was in route cards. I managed to get a really solid route covering the entire east side of the map and was able to draw up route cards and score loads of points with those. In the end it ended up being a pretty solid 127 for me and a historic low for Rachel of 96.

One of those… it was close until it wasn’t games…

I think on another play I could have got slightly less lucky with my routes and Rachel could have had more luck with some her players (there was a particular play where Rachel failed to build a route that I subsequently managed to build and score a bunch of routes off of).

But here we are! I am now 1 win away from claiming week 3! Come back tomorrow for an update on that night.