Charity Challenge 2021 - Week 3 Nights 4&5

Thanks to everyone for following along with this year’s charity challenge and a special thank you to everyone who has contributed this year so far!

As of the end of Week 3 (today!) we’ve hit our goal and have now raised $640 of our $600 goal. We won’t be stopping and hope we can set a new high this year! Huge thank you to Gaurav and Emily for pushing us over the line. We love and appreciate everyone for all the support you’ve given us this year.

If you would like to donate in support of the Center of Addiction and Mental Health, you can do so here.

Closing Week 3

I’m going to do a bit of a condensed and combined blog for the end of Week 3, since as you NO DOUBT REMEMBER, I won the week last night and we just have to close out nights 4 and 5 to get us setup for Week 4.

So let’s break down what happened in Night 4 and Night 5.

Night 4

We wanted to keep it light tonight so we decided to play Strike, a dice game that’s fairly random and lucky. Here’s the product description and if you’d like to see the game in action (it’s super fun and everyone should own it!) you can check out this video.

The game consists of an “arena” (the game box with an insert) and lots of dice. The goal is to be the last player who still has dice. At the beginning, one die is in the arena. The active player throws another die into the arena. If both dice now show the same number, the player must take them out and end the turn. If not, the player can decide to throw in another die (possibly trying to overturn other dice) or end his/her turn. A die which shows the X face is removed from the game, as is any die which falls out of the arena. A player who holds no more dice is eliminated from the game. The last player who still has dice is the winner.

In the true spirit of lucky dice games this was super streaky! I won the first game, Rachel won the second, and then I went on a two game winning streak and then it was ALL Rachel. The final score was 4 games to 3 for Rachel. So I get to pick the game for Night 5 to close out the week!

Night 5

Because I’ve managed to get control of the week back right at the very end, I will pick a game I think Rachel has a slight edge on me, so I can take it out of the selection pool for the final two weeks of the competition. Tonight we’ll play Second Chance!

Second Chance is a “flip and write” game where players have to draw tetris shapes that are revealed on cards. You need to efficiently puzzle the pieces on your board because whoever has the least blank spaces at the end of the game wins. The reason the game is called Second Chance is because you draw shapes until you cannot fit the shapes that are drawn onto your board. At that point you flip up one more shape, your second chance, and if you fit it on your board you keep playing, otherwise you’re eliminated.

To learn more about Second Chance checkout this video.

It turns out this was a good call for me to get out of the way when it didn’t matter much for the overall competition. Rachel just crushed me two games back to back. At the start I even said “we’ll play best of three?”, “it will only take me two”, she replied. And so it was. The first game was super close with only 3 points separating us. The second game, I won’t even talk about because my score was god awful and Rachel won nice and clean.

And that’s it! We’ve finished Week 3, we’ve hit our funding goal but we go again tomorrow for Week 4 and hopefully continuing to raise some funds for CAMH! See you guys then!