Charity Challenge 2021 - Week 4 Night 3

We’re in the business end of the Charity Challenge now… We’re in overtime with our fundraising efforts (we’ve raised $640 of our $600 goal, thank you all for donating… if you’d like to donate you can do so here.) and we could be two nights away from my securing the victory for the trophy!

Let’s get into it!

The Choice

After I won Fantastic Factories last night Rachel is in the drivers seat. She’s decided to call not a game that she’s particular strong in (we’re about 50/50), but instead a game that’s a Charity Challenge classic. Tonight we’re playing Lost Cities

The Game

Lost Cities is a quick playing card game where players are playing cards to invest in expeditions.  There are five colours and and 10 cards numbered from 1 to 10.  Each card played sequentially is worth the number of points on the card, and any colour you start playing in starts worth -20 points.  So there’s a balance in deciding which colours/expeditions you invest in.

Lost Cities is one of the few games to appear every year we’ve held this competition so far.  Rachel won last year and I won the year before, meaning that today’s game will decide the reigning champion of Lost Cities!

If you’d like to learn more about Lost Cities check out this video.

The Result

Sometimes in Lost Cities it just doesn’t come together. I had two fairly strong games with 70+ points (you play three games and total up your scores) and Rachel just struggled to get the cards she needed drawn.

In the end, despite a bad third game, I managed to win 169 to 72.

That means tomorrow if I manage to pull off a win I’ve clinched the trophy… we’ll see tomorrow what Rachel has up her sleeve to stop that from happening.