Charity Challenge 2022 - Week 1 Night 5

We’ve arrived at the end of Week 1 of 5! This week has gone by really fast and it feels great to be back in the groove of the Charity Challenge again.

We’ve raised $35 of our $600 goal coming to the end of week 1. Thank you all for your donations and for following along! If you’d like to donate you can do so here. We are raising funds in support of CAMH!

The Choice

Well guys – I’ve managed to go four nights without a win for only the second time in the 7 year history of the competition. Last time this happened (last year) I went on a big winning streak and I’m hoping tonight we can get that started. But I’m being strategic with my choice tonight – tonight Rachel has already won the week and I’m choosing the game, so I’m going to pick one of her best games to take it off the table.

Tonight we’ll be playing one of Rachel’s favorites: Qwirkle

The Game

Qwirkle is a game that plays sort of like Scrabble, but with colours and shapes.  There are 6 different shapes in 6 different colours and you need to lay out combinations of those shapes and colours.  A row can either be made up of the same colour in different shapes or different colours of the same shape.  Each tile placed is worth a point (and includes re-scoring if you link into tiles already placed) and if you manage to get six in a row down you get a Qwirkle, giving you 12 points for that completed row.

To learn more about Qwirkle check out this video.

The Result

So if I lose tonight I’ll get to pick the game to start Week 2 tomorrow night. So how do you think it went tonight? I won of course!

I pulled really far ahead of Rachel in the early game. I was up by 40+ points at one point thanks to some really big scores on a very tight board. But as the game went on Rachel really focused up and chipped away at my lead. In the end she played the tile to end the game but even with the game ending bonus in hand I managed to win 215 to 209. A fairly low scoring and tight game – this was a really fun one.

So there we are – week 1 is done. Thank you all for tuning in this week and come back tomorrow as we get week 2 under way.

Remember if you want to donate you can do so here.