Charity Challenge 2022 - Week 2 Night 3

Welcome back to the Charity Challenge 2022. We’re playing board games every day for a month and raising funds and awareness for CAMH – if you’d like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

I’m picking the game tonight and I’m trying to do a bit of a maneuver – there’s a game that Rachel traditionally dominates me in BUT I’ve been playing it non stop online for the last few months. So I want to try and turn the tide on Sagani

The Game

Sagani is a tile laying game where you score points by putting tiles next to each other. Each tile will have arrows on it that tell you what colour tiles it wants adjacent. As you place the tiles you need to put out scoring discs for the number of arrows on the tile, and if you run out of discs (i.e. if you’re not efficient) you start to lose points.

If you’d like to see the game in action, you can check out this video.

The Result

Man I came out swinging tonight. I tore off to an early lead and it looked like I was going to post an easy win. Rachel even took a negative point for the first time in the many games of this we’ve played. But man. Somehow. Somehow. My giant early game lead just started to disappear in the mid game and then Rachel blew past me. In the end the score was 79 to 76 and Rachel had come out ahead, unbelievable.

My months of playing this game has just got me to a place where I didn’t take any negative points (usually I end up taking one or two hits when Rachel and I play – tonight 0), so that’s my moral victory.

Rachel is now sitting pretty for week 2 and tomorrow I have to play something that’ll stop her in her tracks. We’ll see you for that tomorrow!