Charity Challenge 2022 - Week 2 Night 4

Welcome back to night 4 of week 2 in our Charity Challenge in support of CAMH! If you’d like to donate to support CAMH’s vital work in support of mental health services, you can do that here.

The Choice

Tonight’s a big one – the game choice is in my hands and if Rachel wins she’s won another week and is sitting pretty at 2-0 overall and looking like the favourite to win the whole thing.

So tonight I have to pull out one of my trump cards – tonight I’m going to call Crokinole, a game I’ve only ever lost to Rachel a small number of times.

The Game

Crokinole is a dexterity game that plays out the dynamics of something like curling on a game board.  Crokinole is a cottage country classic, played widely and often taught by the elders and passed down to generations of grand children.  If you’ve never seen it played before you really should check out the championship games that are on YouTube (yes I watch them).  In the game you are flicking discs and if your opponent has no pieces on the board you are just trying to sink the disc in the hole in the middle of the board.  If your opponent has a piece on the board you need to hit their piece or your shot doesn’t count.

At our (relatively low) level of skill, the game is about controlling the board, making sure you keep your pieces protected and your opponents pieces off of the board.

If you’d like to see some great Crokinole played here is one of those championship videos I mentioned.  Please note – we are not this good.

The Result

Oh no. I struggled to stay caught up to Rachel in this game in a big way. She took an early lead and just kept building and building. We were probably halfway through the game before I managed to win a round and score points. I did manage to score a decent 70 points in one round but it was far too late – Rachel had managed to rip up my trump card and won the night 335 to 130.

And with that Rachel has won week two and has now won two weeks on the trot. If I don’t dig deep and start stringing together some wins this competition might be all done but the crying in record time.