Charity Challenge Night 4 - Quarto

Guys I won!  Night 4 and I’ve got a point on the board, bringing us to 2-1 for the week.  Rachel only needs one more win to claim the week.  Remember we are doing all of this to support Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital and we love and appreciate all of your support for this initiative.  If you’d like to donate please visit our donation page here.

The Choice

Rachel walked over to the board game shelf this evening and immediately knew what she was going to pick.  No messing around, when Rachel needs a win she needs Quarto.

The Game

Quarto is a simple abstract game – you have pieces that are one of two colours, are solid or hallow and are tall or short.  You win by placing the fourth of any of those combinations in a sequence, that is to say you win by placing the fourth item in a row of either short/tall, light/dark or solid/hallow.  It’s a fascinating game where every move matters and there’s very little room for forgiveness.  Oh yeah, and your turn?  You place a piece YOUR OPPONENT chooses.  It’s a great game that feels vaguely like chess, full of move and counter move.

quarto box cover

For more information about the game check out this quick overview video.

The Result

There’s a weakness Rachel has that I need to exploit anytime I need to beat her to win a game, and I NEED to win this game (I don’t want to lose week 1).  That weakness?  You’ve gotta win quick.  She grows into games and when gets going, well, you lose the family charity board game championship two years in a row to her.

Game 1 – Ryan

Game 2 – Ryan

One more game and I wrestle back the week and take us to a tie that leads to a deciding fifth game night for the week.

Game 3 – Rachel

Game 4- Rachel

The tension at this point is palpable in the house.  But I’m trouble.  Rachel has warmed up.  I feel confident as we go through game 5.  Rachel is pushed into reacting to my plays and I think I’ve got her on the ropes.


Game 5 – Rachel

There was one spot Rachel could go that would win her the game.  Any other spot on the board and the game was mine.  She painstakingly read and reread the board state and hilariously had her hand, with the right piece sitting in the spot she needed to win, but she wasn’t seeing it.  Then it clicked.

Week 1 belongs to Rachel.  Congrats, I’ll be back in Week 2 with a vengeance.  Come back for Night 5 of Week 1 where I’ll be playing for pride and getting myself ready to head into week 2.