Charity Challenge Night 5 - PitchCar

Week 1 is all wrapped up with Rachel’s Quarto win so today we’re playing for fun and a little bit of pride.  Thank you for following along with our charity challenge.  We’re raising money and awareness for Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital – if you want to learn more or donate please visit our Extra Life donation page here.

The Choice

The pressure is off tonight and it’s my pick.  So I’ve decided to pick a breezy dexterity game – PitchCar!

The Game

PitchCar is a dexterity flicking game.  Huh?  In PitchCar you are a race car driver and you flick your little wooden disc race car around the track.

I think a visual is best here:

pitchcar track

That’s kinda it.  You flick your disc around the track.  Three laps.  First to cross the finish line wins.

The Result

I was the first player and I managed to hold my lead throughout.  The race was tight but in the end I knocked it down and won my pride match!

So we end Week 1 3-2 with Rachel taking the first point.  Excited to fight back in Week 2!