Charity Challenge Week 1 - Night 1

Here we are again, at the start of our fourth annual charity challenge. Together with your support we’ve raised over $3000 in the last three years and we’re hoping to continue that this year!

A reminder that this year we’re supporting CAMH, supporting mental health research and care. If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

Since Rachel was the champion last year I was given the first choice of game. I have historically always picked the opening game (for reasons I won’t elaborate on (editor’s note – because he’s never won a charity challenge)) and up until last year I’ve managed to turn that into a win. The reason for that is we tend to start on a weekend and we’re feeling fresh in the challenge so I usually end up picking something Rachel hasn’t played before, that I’ll have to teach her (and conveniently I have played).

In that spirit today I will teach Rachel Villagers.

The Game

Villagers is a card drafting game where players take turns collecting and building villagers to form a village. The different villagers combo off of each other and let you build up the value of points that your village generates. It’s a game that’s a bit tough to teach but is super easy to play.

If you’d like to learn more about Villagers and how to play check out this video.

first player piece

The Result

There’s so many little things you need to teach for such a simple game and it for sure took Rachel a round or two to catch on. I managed to get ahead and stay ahead but she clearly showed she was coming to this year fiercely intent on winning. There was blocking and hate drafting (when you take a card that’s no good for you, but costs your opponent points) aplenty.

After an intense game I managed to win 95 to 77. Night 1 goes to me!

We’ll be back tomorrow with our next game!