Charity Challenge - Week 1 Night 2

And we’re back for night 2 of the month long challenge raising funds and awareness for CAMH, the Center for Addiction and Mental Health.

Thank you to Benjamin for his donation to get us started! We’ve now raised $35 of our $600 goal. If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

Since I was a big fat night 1 loser I get to pick our game to kick off night 2. I’m feeling good at this point, I’m just happy to be back in this challenge, so I’m not thinking too much about my choices yet, just picking games I want to play!

For Night 2 of the challenge I’ve decided to pick Onitama

The Game

In Onitama you have four pawns and a king, it feels a bit like Chess but the movement cards change the way the pieces on the board moves.  There’s 5 movement cards that define the way any of your pieces can move, each player has two at any given time.  Once you play a movement card you take the one from the middle and the one you just played goes in the middle and is now accessible by your opponent.  It’s a brilliant back and fourth and highly strategic. 

You win the game by defeating your opponents King or moving your King on to your opponent’s throne.  For a full breakdown of the game you can view this video here.

The Result

Now we’re talking. Now we’re getting competitive.

There’s a lot of depth in Onitama and it takes some time to warm into, and that certainly showed in our game last night (we actually haven’t pulled the game off the shelf since 2017). Rachel ended up winning, but there wasn’t much in it, she managed to catch me out with no escape for my King.

The second game, oh the second game *chefs kiss*. There was a brilliant protracted back and fourth. This game lasted the longest and it was a very patient battle of attrition for both of us. I managed to get the upper hand and claim the win to take it to game 3.

In the third game I decided I was going to play a very patient defensive formation and try and suck Rachel’s pieces into mine, and boy did it work! I managed to get two of her pieces before she took one of mine. I had this cool little diamond formation with my pawns in the middle of the board where I would pull her pieces in and then catch them out with a move or two.

We both really enjoyed our play of the game, and in the end I finished off game 3 with a win to claim the night! We’re all tied up at 1-1, this is getting good already! Come back tomorrow to find out what happens in night 3!

This formation *chefs kiss*