Charity Challenge - Week 2 Night 1

And we’ve arrived at Week 2 of the 2020 Charity Challenge! Thank you all for your continued support and helping us raise funds for CAMH! We’ve currently raised $185 of our $600 goal. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If you’d like to donate you can do so here!

The Choice

Rachel managed to pull out the Week 1 win so it’s down to me this evening to make the pick to start off the week.

I’ve been playing a lot of games on Board Game Arena online during COVID and one of the games I’ve been playing whenever I get a chance is Stone Age. I’m hoping my online practice will give me an edge and get the week started right!

The Game

Stone Age is a grand daddy worker placement game where you will place members of a stone age tribe to do various tasks.  You can collect resources, build up your farming technology, expand your tribe and ultimately spend the resources to build up your civilization for points.

In an era of new hotness where sometimes older games struggle to get to a table Stone Age is a 10+ year old classic and should be played.  If you’d like to see the game played I recommend checking out this Tabletop video play through.

The Result

My practice did show through, especially early in the game. I managed to get my engine going a lot faster than Rachel and I was looking free and clear. In the final round Rachel managed to math out a really good last turn, managing to close the gap, however when it came to end game scoring cards I shot ahead and locked in a 259-193 win.

Week 2 is off to a good start for me! I wonder what Rachel will pick tomorrow?