Charity Challenge Week 2 Night 2 - Fugitive

Welcome back!  Night 2 of Week 2 finds us tied up 3-3 and with me in the lead for the first time in this year’s competition.  If you’d like to donate to our charity drive, please visit our Extra Life page for donation details.  Thank you all for your support.

The Choice

Since I got the week off to a start with a win during our Patchwork showdown Rachel gets to pick the game tonight.  Her approach tonight?  “This doesn’t guarantee me a win, but it will be fun!”.  The game?  Fugitive!

Fugitive is a game where we have a around a 50/50 win percentage playing each other so this should be interesting.  We will play a best of five.

The Game

Fugitive is two player deduction card game.  In Fugitive, two players go head to head and play out the fantasy from the classic TV show (and movie if you insist) The Fugitive.  No one armed man here, this is a fugitive trying to escape a marshal.  There are cards uniquely numbered from 00 to to 42.  The fugitive needs to draw and lay cards face down sequentially, only able to move 3 spaces each turn, unless they discard precious cards to move further.  The marshal is also seeing cards and needs to deduce which cards the fugitive plays.

fugitive box cover

To learn more about this great two player game, check out the shut up and sit down video here.

Player aides

The Result

Game 1 – Rachel took on the role of marshal.  I got off to a strong start as the fugitive.  I was way out ahead until I hit the mid game and had to slow down and wait for cards.  That wait ended up doing me and Rachel managed to catch me.

Game 2 – I took on the role of marshal and managed to catch Rachel very quickly.  I sucked up all the mid game cards and she wasn’t able to move.

Game 3 – As the fugitive I managed to get out ahead, building and managing to hold a lead.  I did escape BUT if you escape before the marshal reveals the 29 card a final man hunt is triggered.  Rachel managed to guess most of the cards but missed the last few and with that I won!  2-1 for me!

board state

Game 4 – With Rachel now playing the role of fugitive she was determined to get a fugitive win after I pulled it off.  I was right on Rachel’s tail through the middle of the game but I didn’t end up having enough information on the late game cards and Rachel managed to escape.  All tied up at 2-2, very exciting!

Game 5 – This was without a doubt the best game of Fugitive we’ve ever played.  As the fugitive I started very aggressively.  I dumped a bunch of cards early which propelled me forward and I really thought I had the game on lock.  Until I got to 32.  10 away from escape.  I ended up stalling out and when Rachel managed to catch me I needed one more turn and I would have been off and away.  Darn!

So Rachel claims another victory, tying is up for Week 2 at 1-1.