Charity Challenge Week 2 - Night 2

Week 2, Night 2 and Rachel’s got the lead in the challenge to start the week. Thanks to that I get to pick the game tonight!

The Choice

I’ve decided tonight I’ll pick a game that we haven’t played together too much but is a lot of fun. Tonight we’ll play the Quacks of Quedlinburg!

The Game

Quacks of Quedlinburg is the 2018 Kennerspiel des Jahres award winning game.  The Kennerspiel is the German award for hobbyist game of the year and is very highly regarded.

In Quacks of Quedlinburg players play charlatans who are mixing potions, they may or may not know what they are doing.  You mix in ingredients that expand your points and purchasing power.  The game is a bag builder, so as you purchase ingredients they are placed into your bag and you draw these ingredients out and mix them into your potion, but there’s danger: if you mix in too many white ingredients your potion will explode and you’ll have to choose if you don’t get points or purchasing power that round.

The game is fantastic and one of the best of new games I’ve played this year.  To learn more about the game check out this video.

The Result

Let’s just remember that the goal tonight was to have fun as the week is early. And boy did I have fun. But that’s all I did because I was losing from the first round and just couldn’t get caught up. My first two potions exploded (I had 4 explode during the game’s nine rounds) and Rachel eeked out a lead that she kept throughout the whole game.

It wasn’t even close tonight.

Good job to Rachel who all of a sudden is a win away from clinching week 2. I think I’ll have to find my own Trump card tomorrow.