Charity Challenge Week 2 - Night 3

Thank you for checking in on our Charity Challenge! We’ve raised $135 of our $500 goal. Thank you to Aunt Barb for her donation helping getting us towards our goal.

We’re raising money in November for CAMH, supporting mental health care in the city and we’d really appreciate your support. If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

It’s not looking good guys. I’m down 2-0 in Week 2 and I think Rachel might be bouncing back and getting right back into this competition as she always does. Tonight I need to dig deep, it’s time for one of my aces in the sleeve – tonight I’ve picked Crokinole.

Since we’ve got a Crokinole board Rachel has not beat me. Once I get in the zone I’m tough to beat and I’m hoping that will hold tonight.

The Game

Crokinole is a dexterity game that plays out the dynamics of something like curling on a game board.  Crokinole is a cottage country classic, played widely and often taught by the elders and passed down to generations of grand children.  If you’ve never seen it played before you really should check out the championship games that are on YouTube (yes I watch them).  In the game you are flicking discs and if your opponent has no pieces on the board you are just trying to sink the disc in the hole in the middle of the board.  If your opponent has a piece on the board you need to hit their piece or your shot doesn’t count.

At our (relatively low) level of skill, the game is about controlling the board, making sure you keep your pieces protected and your opponents pieces off of the board.

If you’d like to see some great Crokinole played here is one of those championship videos I mentioned.  Please note – we are not this good.

The Result

We decided tonight to make this exciting – instead of playing to 300 like we did last year we would play three games to 100 to raise the tension. Boy it delivered.

Game 1 I managed to get going fairly well and took the win in 3 rounds, pretty tight. In game 2 however the tension really did skyrocket and there were a lot of unlucky bounces on both sides of the table and it Rachel managed to get things humming. Final score of round 2? 100 to 20… for Rachel.

Oh shit.

Luckily for me I was spared my blushes in Game 3 as I came out hard, again taking the game in 3 rounds, with a big 85 points in final round of Game 3. Final score was 145 to 0.

So I played my trump card and it was a little rocky but we got there in the end. Rachel will be digging deep to close out the week tomorrow, she leads 2-1 for Week 2. See you then!