Charity Challenge - Week 2 Night 4

Welcome back to the penultimate game night of week 2! Thank you all for following along as we play games to raise money and awareness for mental health and the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

As I’m on a two consecutive Uwe Rosenberg losing streak this week I think there’s only one thing for me to do – it’s time to call the third consecutive Uwe Rosenberg game!

Tonight we’ll be playing Robin of Locksley.

The Game

Robin of Locksley is a set collection racing game where you’re moving around the a 5×5 grid using the movement of Knghts from Chess trying to collect sets to complete objectives to be the first to complete the set of objectives twice (thus racing around the board twice). The official publisher blurb:

Troubled times blight England since the good and just King Richard the Lionheart was captured in the Crusades. Meanwhile, Robin of Locksley is stealing from the rich Norman lords to free the King.

In Robin of Locksley, you aim to collect loot tiles with your Robin and sell loot collections of the same color. Move forward on the racing track surrounding the 5×5 loot tiles by spending earned gold. Every field will give you a task to gather fame: You may fulfill the task, or you may spend one gold coin to pass it. Whoever first circles the racing track twice wins.

If you’d like to learn more or see the game in action you can check out Board Gaming Rambling’s video.

The Result

Could Rachel make it three back to back Uwe wins? At some point my favourite designer has to come through for me right? Well today Uwe did come through for me. I managed to stay just ahead of Rachel throughout the game. It was close and tense but ultimately I won fairly comfortably in the end.

This was our first time playing the game and we’ve decided it’ll be staying in the collection, so that’s great!

So here we are, week 2 hangs in the balance, all tied up. Tomorrow Rachel will get to pick the game that will make or break the second week for her!