Charity Challenge - Week 2 Night 5

Thank you everyone for all of your support as we come to the end of Week 2 of 5 of the O’Sullivan Family Charity Challenge. We’ve now raised $320 of our $600 dollar goal. Thank you to Charlene and Mom & Dad who have donated since the last update!

If you’d like to donate in support for the Center for Addiction and Mental health you can do so here.

The Choice

We’re currently tied 2-2, so tonight’s choice will be the decider for the week. Since I managed to come out victorious last night in Robin of Locksley Rachel gets to choose the deciding game for Week 2.

So far this week we’ve played 3 Uwe Rosenberg games so Rachel has decided to close out the week staying on theme, we’ll be doing another Uwe game. Tonight Rachel has picked a strong favourite both in terms of her enjoyment and in terms of her win percentage, tonight we’ll be playing Uwe Rosenberg’s Patchwork

The Game

Patchwork is a puzzle game where players use Tetris like shapes to fill in a 9 by 9 grid.  There are two currencies in the game: time and buttons.  Both of these currencies appear on every piece you buy, buttons are a currency you use to purchase different puzzle pieces and you track time on a board; time is limited so you need to balance pieces between buttons and time, if you go too far on the time track too quickly you won’t buy enough pieces to cover your board, but if you don’t build up a button engine on your board you won’t be able to afford pieces.  Every few spaces on the time board you’ll get paid based on the number of buttons you have on your board.  It’s a puzzle that’s very fun to play.  If you’d like a full overview of the game you can check out this video.

The Result

Patchwork is a time honoured tradition in the Charity Challenge, it is one of the few games that we’ve played in all previous 4 years of the competition. Rachel tends to do very well in whenever we play Patchwork, but its had the tendency to backfire during the Charity Challenge. Tonight we played best of 3 and Rachel only needed two games to close out the week for a victory.

The first game felt very close, with Rachel taking the win 17 to my -1. Not so close in the end. The second game did not feel close at all and I think Rachel won it handily with me never being really in it. Final score was 23 to 7 for Rachel.

So there we go! Rachel has taken a blow out 2-0 lead in the competition at the end of two weeks. I’ll need to stop her next week or this Charity Challenge could be over in record time. See you tomorrow to start Week 3!