Charity Challenge Week 2 - Night 5

We have our first fully competitive night 5! Week 2 will be decided tonight as the week is tied up 2-2. If I win, I take 2-0 Week lead, if Rachel wins, we’re tied up and the competition gets much more interesting.

Before we get to that though just a reminder that we’re playing games every night for a month (5 weeks actually) to raise money for CAMH. If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

It’s match point, and Rachel is serving. Last night was a serious upset, seeing Rachel lose one of her highest win %’age games. She was well in control of the week and has managed to let it slip to a tie.

She ho’d and hum’d but had a moment of inspiration, she was pretty confident that she could destroy me in Quarto!

The Game

Quarto is a simple abstract game – you have pieces that are one of two colours, are solid or hallow and are tall or short.  You win by placing the fourth of any of those combinations in a sequence, that is to say you win by placing the fourth item in a row of either short/tall, light/dark or solid/hallow.  It’s a fascinating game where every move matters and there’s very little room for forgiveness.  Oh yeah, and your turn?  You place a piece YOUR OPPONENT chooses.  It’s a great game that feels vaguely like chess, full of move and counter move.

quarto box cover

For more information about the game check out this quick overview video.

The Result

We agreed to play best of five. And guys I’ll cut to the chase. We tied 1 game, decided to chalk that off but otherwise Rachel won 5 games. She skated circles around me and didn’t even give me an inch.

I was thoroughly destroyed and as a result Rachel claims week 2 and with that the competition is TIED. We’ll be back tomorrow with the start of week 3 where it’s going to get intense.