Charity Challenge Week 3 Night 2 - Lost Cities

Welcome back to our charity challenge, we are now in week 3 and getting to the business end of the competition.  Updates will come in spurts over this week, we are traveling quite a bit, still playing our games, but my documentation of the competition might lag a bit!

The point of this challenge is to raise money and awareness for Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital.  If you’re interested in donating or learning more please visit our Extra Life donation page.

The Choice

Rachel lost night 1 in Cottage Garden so gets to pick our game tonight.  She’s using data this week to try and pick the games she has high win %’s in, I don’t think she’s wanting to fall behind in the competition.  She takes this pretty seriously!  Her choice for tonight is a game she has a 75% win in – Lost Cities!

First Full of Lost Cities

The Game

Lost Cities is a quick playing card game where players are playing cards to invest in expeditions.  There are five colours and and 10 cards numbered from 1 to 10.  Each card played sequentially is worth the number of points on the card, and any colour you start playing in starts worth -20 points.  So there’s a balance in deciding which colours/expeditions you invest in.

Lost Cities is one of the few games to appear every year we’ve held this competition so far.  Rachel won last year and I won the year before, meaning that today’s game will decide the reigning champion of Lost Cities!

Lost Cities

If you’d like to learn more about Lost Cities check out this video.

The Result

We played aggregate score over three rounds and I came out swinging, and unfortunately Rachel started with quite a hole, -24 points to my 30.  It was always going to be a tough time to come back from that and in the end I won 95-35!

That means I’m sitting at 2-0 for week 3!  This is probably the biggest lead I’ve ever had in the competition.  Importantly Rachel has played two trump cards this week and I’ve managed to turn both of them back on her.  I don’t know guys, I think I might be able to do this! (Don’t hesitate to quote this in a week or two when I’ve lost)

See you tomorrow!