Charity Challenge - Week 3 Night 4

We’re getting into the business end of the challenge with lots of time left to go. Rachel has come out so strong that I’m on the back foot trying to get back into the competition. I might find myself playing the last two weeks just for fun at this point.

The Charity Challenge is an annual event Rachel and I run where we play board games for an entire month we’re raising money for the Center for Addiction and Mental Health as well as competing over the family Charity Challenge Trophy!

Thank you to Nathan who donated since our last update, we’re now at $390 of our $600 goal, we’re rocking it thanks to you guys!

If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

Rachel is a loss away from losing the week and getting me back into the Charity Challenge! Yet again tonight however she’s not overly concerned, she’s picked a game she’s just wanting to play. It probably helps she has a very strong win % in this game. Fun, in the Charity Challenge though? Can you imagine!

Tonight Rachel has selected Point Salad.

The Game

In Point Salad you are drafting cards – on one side of the cards are a vegetable and on the other a dish, that gives you a scoring objective. You need to balance taking the vegetables with the dishes because one without the other will not get you any points.

Point Salad will fit on any table. If your family plays Uno or other card games you could easily make this work. Playing with your gaming group but need a light pallet cleanser? Point Salad’s got you.

If you’d like to learn more about Point Salad you can watch this Dice Tower video.

The Result

We decided to play a best of three tonight, and I’m glad we did because sometimes with Point Salad I just don’t get going at the start. Game 1 Rachel managed to spank me, 68 to 35

In Game 2 I managed to get a footing and landed a 57-37 victory. Now in game 3 I felt like I had it, and a win here would win me the week. The end result? 69-69! We tied!

So on to game 4 and I just couldn’t get my footing in this game, Rachel blew ahead of me and I just couldn’t catch up. It was the first game all over again. Rachel managed to win 63-36 and kept her hopes of winning the Charity Challenge this week.

So it all comes down to tomorrow… if Rachel manages to win she’s won the whole thing in shocking fashion. I’ll be doing everything I can to stop it.