Charity Challenge Week 3 - Night 4

Thanks for checking out our Week 3 – Night 4 update of the Charity Challenge. This year we’re raising money for CAMH, supporting mental health research, and care. Thank you to Nathan for his donation! Thanks to your donations we’ve raised $195 of our $500 goal.

If you’d like to help us reach our goal you can donate here.

The Choice

After I managed to stop the slide last night the competition is in back in Rachel’s hands. Rachel has called most of her slam dunk games already so she’s in the territory of calling games where she has ~60% win percentage. The last half of the competition is always the most exciting because we play the games that we’re 50/50 on and things get even more competitive.

In that spirit Rachel is calling one of our competitive staples: Lost Cities

The Game

Lost Cities is a quick playing card game where players are playing cards to invest in expeditions.  There are five colours and and 10 cards numbered from 1 to 10.  Each card played sequentially is worth the number of points on the card, and any colour you start playing in starts worth -20 points.  So there’s a balance in deciding which colours/expeditions you invest in.

Lost Cities is one of the few games to appear every year we’ve held this competition so far.  Rachel won last year and I won the year before, meaning that today’s game will decide the reigning champion of Lost Cities!

If you’d like to learn more about Lost Cities check out this video.

The Result

We decided to play to an aggregate score of 3 rounds. Coming out of the first game Rachel took a slight lead. I answered with a very strong second game where I managed to play 8 cards to trigger a bonus and got my score up to 90 points. In game three Rachel managed to close the gap and we found ourselves tied at 120 points a piece.

We decided that we would play a fourth game to resolve the tie. Final score? 175 to 141 in my favour! From 2-0 down I’ve managed to tie up the week and bring us to night five to play for the week 3 points!

See you then!