Charity Challenge Week 3 Night 5 - Favelas

Time to wrap up Week 3!  Last night saw Rachel lose at Pagoda which handed the week 3 victory over to me.  Tonight we’re playing for pride and to try and gain some ground in the overall game wins-losses tally for the competition.

Just a reminder that we are doing this charity challenge to raise funds and awareness for Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital.  If you’re interested in donating or learning more please visit our campaign page.

The Choice

Tonight is Rachel’s choice but because this is an off night and the week isn’t up for grabs we’ve decided to pick a game we haven’t played in a while that we’d like to get back to the table.  So tonight we are playing Favelas!

The Game

Favelas is a tile laying game where you place pieces on a board in five different colours.  Three times every game there is a scoring phase where players who have the majority in the colours get points.  The game is a tense battle to watch which colours your opponents have majorities on and which are available.  It’s fun, and plays very quickly!

To learn more about the game check out this video.

The Result

In the first scoring round I pulled ahead by 6 points.  Rachel managed to catch up in the second scoring but by the end of the game we finished up 60-54 in my favour, I had managed to pull ahead by 6 again.

That finishes up week 3 and I’m winning 2-1 for the competition and I’m sitting at 9 games to 6 overall.  Can this finally be my year?  We’ll find out!