Charity Challenge Week 3 - Night 5

We’ve reached the finale of Week 3 of the Charity Challenge! Thank you all for coming along for this ride – if you’d like to donate in support of mental health research and treatment you can do so here.

The Choice

Week 3 comes down to this! After bursting out of the gates winning back to back to start the week Rachel has now lost back to back games. Rachel has an ace up her sleeve with a game where she consistently beats me, to rescue Week 3 and prevent me from stealing the win Rachel has picked Potion Explosion!

The Game

Potion Explosion is a fun family game that plays kind of like Candy Crush on your phone.  Players are taking marbles out of a dispenser and if you can get marbles of the same colour to touch you set off chain reactions.  You can then spend those marbles to brew potions that have powers that help you get more marbles.  It’s a fun combo game and is pretty close to an essential for family gaming.

For more details on the game check out this video.

The Result

This game had echos of last year’s Potion Explosion. There was however one key difference: I was able to convert my dominance into a win. The game was played fairly quickly. I got ahead with some early strong pulls and really didn’t look back.

Rachel focused on finishing off three-of-a-kinds of one power while I tried to go for the points for getting a bunch of different kinds of powers. I think that variety of powers let me get ahead and stay ahead. Rachel was aware that she played a new strategy (she usually uses a particular power that lets you use marbles of any colour to fill in your potions) and it just didn’t pay off.

So there we go! I’ve managed to take Week 3 and go ahead in the competition 2-1. Tune in tomorrow for the start of Week 4 – can I finally do it?