Charity Challenge - Week 4 Night 1

Welcome to week 4 of the Charity Challenge. Rachel and I are playing board games every night for the month competing for the household Charity Challenge Cup and raising money for causes we care about. This year we are again raising money for Mental Health, in particular The Center for Addiction and Mental Health.

We are currently at $440 of our $600 goal, we are crushing our goal and we have all of you to thank! Special thanks to Gaurav who has donated since our last update!

If you’d like to donate or learn more you can do so here.

The Choice

I finally managed to beat Rachel last week, so control of the week starts in her hands. She’s had me do a bit of digging through our statistics to find a slam dunk and with a 70% win % Rachel has selected Potion Explosion.

The Game

Potion Explosion is a fun family game that plays kind of like Candy Crush on your phone.  Players are taking marbles out of a dispenser and if you can get marbles of the same colour to touch you set off chain reactions.  You can then spend those marbles to brew potions that have powers that help you get more marbles.  It’s a fun combo game and is pretty close to an essential for family gaming.

For more details on the game check out this video.

The Result

Rachel got off to a fast start in this game. But sometimes fast isn’t what you need in Potion Explosion because its possible to go fast and take lower scoring cards than your opponent and end up losing.

And so it was tonight. For the second year in a row Potion Explosion has blown up in Rachel’s face during the Charity Challenge! The final score was 56-55 for me.