Charity Challenge - Week 4 Night 2

Welcome back to week 4 of the Charity Challenge! Rachel and I are raising money for the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. So far we’ve raised $440 of our $600 goal. If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

I’ve managed to put Rachel a bit on the backfoot after winning her choice of game on Night 1. So tonight she’s really got to go for it. There’s one game left in her arsenal where she has a clear far and away chance to win, a game where she has a 70% win percentage with 20-30 games played.

Tonight we’ll be playing Quarto.

The Game

Quarto is a simple abstract game – you have pieces that are one of two colours, are solid or hallow and are tall or short.  You win by placing the fourth of any of those combinations in a sequence, that is to say you win by placing the fourth item in a row of either short/tall, light/dark or solid/hallow.  It’s a fascinating game where every move matters and there’s very little room for forgiveness.  Oh yeah, and your turn?  You place a piece YOUR OPPONENT chooses.  It’s a great game that feels vaguely like chess, full of move and counter move.

quarto box cover

For more information about the game check out this quick overview video.

The Result

What an exciting back and fourth this was. We play Quarto as a best of five and the results went as follows:
Game 1: Ryan
Game 2: Ryan
Game 3: Rachel
Game 4: Draw
Game 5: Ryan

I did it! I got off to a flying start and Rachel managed to fight back, even seeing us grind out a draw in game 4. I thought we might need a 6th game, but I managed to claw out the win in Game 5.

I’ve managed to win 2 of Rachel’s picks this week! That’s a huge turn of momentum in the competition, and I’m excited to see what happens next.