Charity Challenge Week 4 - Night 2

Thanks for joining us again for our Charity Challenge! We’re currently at $200 of our $500 goal and would love your help getting towards our goal. If you’d like to donate to support our charity drive raising funds for the Center for Addiction and Mental Health you can do so here.

The Choice

Confession time. We didn’t play this game the night after the previous game. After Rachel’s loss in Jaipur by one point she literally rage stomped to the shelf and grabbed a game with 0 luck and tossed it down on the gaming table. If she was going to lose by a single point again, luck was going to have nothing to do with it.

Tonight we’re playing abstract game Kulami.

The Game

Kulami, a two-player abstract strategy game, is played on several wooden tiles of different sizes, which are put together in a random fashion to form the board. Players place their pieces on the squares on the tiles. The placement of the previous piece dictates the rows in which the next piece may be placed.

The goal is to claim as many tiles as possible by occupying the majority of squares on a tile. Bonus points can be gained by completing rows or areas.

To learn about the game you can check out this video.

The Result

Well Rachel’s plan worked. She was so focused and wanting to destroy me though that she did not accept that she had one until we had counted everything twice.

We played a best of three and I took the first game. The rage/focus/desire to win was palpable but I managed to eek out a win in the first game. After that there was no quarter given. Rachel destroyed me in the following two games and won the night.

That leaves week 4 all tied up. Join us tomorrow as we get to the business end of the competition.