Charity Challenge - Week 4 Night 3

Welcome back to Night 3 of Week 4 of the O’Sullivan Charity Challenge. We’re playing board games every night this month and bringing you along for the ride. We’re raising money for CAMH during this year’s edition and we’re super thrilled with all the support we’ve had so far.

If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

The Choice

Rachel’s down two games in Week 4 and needs to come up with a win. We’ve had a back and fourth on win %’s and there’s a game that Rachel tends to do well but A) never remembers exists B) is not sure why she does well at it.

But the girl needs to arrest my momentum, so she’s playing by the stats! Tonight we’ll be playing Schotten Totten.

The Game

Schotten Totten is a game where you battle over 9 territory stones by trying to play superior poker hands. Schotten Totten is an incredibly fun low barrier to entry card game for couples or anyone who enjoys playing two player games. The publisher’s description captures the game well:

In Schotten Totten, nine boundary stones lie between you and your opponent. In front of each, you build poker-like formations of three cards on a side. Whoever plays the higher-ranking formation wins the stone. And in a unique twist, you may use your powers of logic to claim a stone even before your opponent has played all three of his cards, by demonstrating that the stone is impossible for him to win. Successfully claim five stones, or any three adjacent stones, and you win the game.

If you’d like to learn more about the game you can check out a video here.

The Result

Oh man, it wasn’t even close. There’s two ways to win in Schotten Totten. You can either win by claiming 5 stones, are 3 stones in a row/next to each other. I had trouble keeping up with Rachel in general and she took advantage of me playing catch up and just slammed the door shut by claiming the 3 adjacent stones in both games.

2-0, done and done Rachel wins. Hopefully tomorrow I can close out the week!