Charity Challenge Week 4 - Night 3

Welcome to the midway point of Week 4 of our Charity Challenge where we’re raising money for the Center of Addiction and Mental Health. If you’d like to donate in support of our campaign you can do so here.

The Choice

The week is tied up 1-1 and I lost the previous night so will be picking the game. Tonight I’m picking a game a little more involved but A) I think I can win and B) really have been wanting to play, and think Rachel might enjoy.

For tonight I’m selecting Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal or in English, The Taverns of Tiefanthal.

The Game

This game is a follow up to Quacks of Quedlinburg which takes the core concept of building a pool of resources and takes it out of the bag and into a deck builder. You are running a tavern and there’s a balance between bringing in customers, improving your tavern and hiring staff.

Every turn you will draw cards from your deck until your tavern fills up. You then roll dice and you take turns drafting those dice to serve your customers. Those customers will then pay you for the beer you generate you and you will take the profits from that to improve your tavern.

It’s a great game, and I recommend you learn more about it in this video.

The Result

Rachel took a bit of time to click with the game but after a round or so she was right in it. You could tell we were super close throughout. One of the primary ways to earn points in this game is to upgrade your tavern, each time you do that you get a noble who is worth 10 points and we kept going back and fourth upgrading.

In the end I won by 5 points, 142 to 137, another super close result that I just eeked out ahead of Rachel.

Guys! I’m one win away, but Rachel will be doing everything she can to stop me winning. Was tonight the penultimate meaningful match of the competition? Find out tomorrow…