Charity Challenge - Week 4 Night 4

We’re at the penultimate night of Week 4 of the Charity Challenge. Rachel and I have been playing board games every day this month raising money for the Center of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Thank you all so much for joining us on this journey. As we get close to the end of the Charity Challenge, we’re close to hitting our fundraising goal for this year – we’ve targeted $600 and have raised $440 so far!

If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

Let’s get on the games!

The Choice

Tonight it’s all in my hands – I lost to Rachel in Schotten Totten but still remain up 2-1 on the week. If I win tonight I win the week and we go in to week 5 with everything to play for.

There’s been a game I’m pretty confident I can win and I’ve been dying to play so I’m going to go with that. If I lose I’ll have had fun. Tonight we’ll be playing Sorcerer City!

The Game

Sorcerer City is a tile laying deck builder. This are some buzz words that means it plays a lot like classic Carcassonne but the tiles you are placing are of your choosing. Each of the five rounds of the game you’re racing the clock to place your tiles before the timer runs out. The tiles let you gain resources that let you gain points and more tiles. The description from the publisher:

Every year, Sorcerer City gets built and rebuilt in magically new ways, with blocks moving and rotating in crazy directions. You and your fellow players are rival wizard architects in charge of building the same city district over five years, expanding it and rebuilding it to gain the most money, influence, magic, and victory. Unfortunately, Sorcerer City has a bit of a monster problem, so you must work hard to mitigate the effects of marauding creatures who attack your city district. The wizard architect with the most victory points at the end of five years will be crowned the new head wizard of all of Sorcerer City.

Every player starts Sorcerer City with a set of tiles, and in each round you have two minutes to build your city as optimally as you can. In between rounds you buy new tiles to add to your pool and gain other rewards. Beware though, monsters are lurking and will also be added to your deck, no doubt adding some chaos to your plans in the following rounds. After five rounds, add up all the victory points to see who is the master sorcerer builder!

If you’d like to see the game in action you can check out this Game the Game video.

The Result

In the five rounds of the game Rachel came out the strongest in the early rounds. My experience with the game (this was my third game, Rachel’s second – but it had been a minute for her) really started to let me pull away in the later rounds.

I built a bit of a combo that let me build huge amounts of wealth/money every round and convert that directly into points. In the end I put in a personal best performance and won the game 158-83.

My board looked like this, and it really drove home the win

So there’s week 4 done and dusted in my favour! I’m excited that we’ll be seeing a finale week run off where everything is on the line. Tomorrow we’ll be playing Can’t Stop, a lighter luck based game just to close out the week and then we’ll be back for Week 5 to decide the whole thing!