Charity Challenge - Week 4 Night 5

We’ve reached the final night of Week 4! After tonight we’ve to got one more week of gaming to go and then we’ll be done the Charity Challenge for another year! Thank you all so much for your support, for following along and for your donations.

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The Choice

Rachel and I have agreed that we will mutually choose a game tonight and as Rachel was the previous night-loser she will pick the game to start off in Week 5.

Tonight we’ve agreed to play something for fun, something that’s a bit more luck based than we normally play in the Charity Challenge. Tonight we will be playing Can’t Stop.

The Game

Can’t Stop is a classic Push Your Luck game where players are rolling dice in hopes of climbing the ladder to claim 3 numbers. The only problem is if you can’t pick a valid combination of dice you will lose. Will you stop and claim what you’ve rolled? Or will you realize you Can’t Stop and roll those dice one more time. The official description of the game:

In this Sid Sackson classic, players must press their luck with dice and choose combinations tactically to close out three columns. The board has one column for each possible total of two six-sided dice, but the number of spaces in each column varies: the more probable a total, the more spaces in that column and the more rolls it takes to complete. On their turn, a player rolls four dice and arranges them in duos: 1 4 5 6 can become 1+4 and 5+6 for 5 & 11, 1+5 and 4+6 for 6 & 10, or 1+6 and 4+5 for 7 & 9. The player places or advances progress markers in the open column(s) associated with their chosen totals, then chooses whether to roll again or end their turn and replace the progress markers with markers of their color. A player can only advance three different columns in a turn and cannot advance a column which any player has closed out by reaching the end space; if a roll doesn’t result in any legal plays, the turn ends with that turn’s progress lost.

If you’d like to learn how to play the game you can check out this video.

The Result

We decided to play this best of 3 (as it is so luck based). In game 1 I almost immediately locked up the 2 column but that was just the illusion of winning. Rachel was otherwise commanding the board and so it was at the end of the game. A win for Rachel.

In game 2 I was in the pole position. Like Rachel had done in Game 1 I was ahead in more columns continually throughout the game. An easy second game win for me.

In Game 3 I struggled and never really got going. Or realistically: I couldn’t stop. In one of the early rounds I almost climbed the entire 8 track. I had climbed all but the final space to clinch it, so naturally I rolled one more time and busted. From there it was cruise control for Rachel who wrapped up Game 3 and the game night!

So there we are. We’ve each won 2 weeks a piece, we’ve each won 10 games a piece and so we are poised going into the final week to decide it all. Tune in tomorrow for the start of the final week!