Charity Challenge Week 4 - Night 5

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The Choice

Not much need for preamble here. I’m leading the competition 2 weeks to 1. This week is now tied 2-2 and if I win tonight I claim the trophy for the first time in the four year history of the Charity Challenge.

And as a bonus – because I lost last night I get to choose the game, victory is so close.

I was tempted to pick a heavier game, something that Rachel would need to learn and would be on the back foot from the word go. But I have an ace up my sleeve guys. I have a guy where I have a 92% across many, many plays against Rachel. Tonight we’re playing Harvest Dice.

The Game

Harvest Dice is a roll and write game (think Yahtzee) where there’s three different of colours of dice: orange for carrots, red for tomatoes and green for lettuce. Each turn players will take turns picking one of six dice. Based on the dice you take you draw either a carrot, tomato or lettuce into your farm. The value of the various veg changes based on what type of die is left at the end of the round.

It’s a very fun game and I’d recommend it highly for anyone who enjoys roll and writes (and that’s everyone right?). If you’d like to learn more about the game check out this video.

The Result

We’ve decided again to play a best of 3, as this is a pretty short game. In game 1 I came out of the blocks HARD but Rachel really burned some brain cells pushing back. In the end I was able to squeak out a 78 to 70 victory.

And folks, I won’t keep you in suspense. It was all down hill from there. The game clicked for Rachel, you could see her puzzling through optimal moves. Harvest Dice at 2 players is SUPER TIGHT. It’s like a game of chess with move and counter move. It was all very close but Rachel took the ace up my sleeve and tore it to pieces.

I lost both of the following games, 72 to 64 and 82 to 71.

Suddenly the competition is all tied up 2-2 and we go on to week 5 with the title to be decided, just like last year. It took Rachel until the second last night of the competition to win it last year, can she repeat that this year or can I find week 5 joy? We won’t have to wait long now to find out…