Charity Challenge - Week 5 Night 2

Welcome back to the final week of the Charity Challenge, where we’re raising money for Toronto’s Center for Addiction and Mental Health. So far we’ve raised $440 of our $600 goal. If you’d like to contribute to our campaign, you can do so here.

The Choice

The game choice remains in Rachel’s hands tonight and she needs to to pick something she’s confident she can win. The problem for her is she has played all of her trump cards at this point and needs to rely on 50/50 games that she knows well and is confident she can pull out a performance in.

For tonight Rachel has elected to play Jaipur!

The Game

In Jaipur two players face off trading cards from their hand with 5 face up cards or turn in sets of cards for points.  Players need to balance building up bigger sets (that are worth more points) with getting bonuses for being earlier trading in any given set of cards (the scores for given types of goods/cards decrease as people trade in for them).  It’s a quick playing game played that is tense, playing out over a best of three format.  If you’d like to learn more about Jaipur check out this video.

The Result

It’s starting to look like this might not be Rachel’s year. We played a best of three and I managed to put up two commanding wins. The first game went down 81-68 for me and the second 86-67.

I’m now a win away from locking up the Charity Challenge! Rachel will be looking to reverse the slide tomorrow.