Charity Challenge Week 5 Night 5 - Harvest Dice & Wrap Up

Welcome, welcome to the final blog of the 2018 Charity Challenge where Rachel and I have been playing board games and raising money and awareness for Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital!

Together we’ve raised $150 for Sick Kids, a bit lighter than years previous but I didn’t do as many different events throughout the year, I’ll make sure that gets fixed up next year.

If you’d like to donate please visit our campaign page.

The Choice

In the previous night Rachel managed to win the whole competition after taking me out in Jaipur. Usually that would mean there’s nothing to play for tonight, but we’ve ended up in a strange and unique situation: Rachel has won the competition by winning 3 of the 5 weeks of the competition HOWEVER she’s done that only managing to draw me 12 games to 12. If I do manage to win tonight there’s a little bit of pride on the line, I will have lost the trophy, but will have lost it winning one more game than Rachel. A little asterisk I’ll hold over her head throughout the year!

For tonight we’ve reached the end of the competition I think I want something that is A) light B) I have a high chance of winning. I’ve decided to play Harvest Dice, a game Rachel has only managed to beat me once!

The Game

Harvest Dice is a roll and write game (think Yahtzee) where there’s three different of colours of dice: orange for carrots, red for tomatoes and green for lettuce. Each turn players will take turns picking one of six dice. Based on the dice you take you draw either a carrot, tomato or lettuce into your farm. The value of the various veg changes based on what type of die is left at the end of the round.

It’s a very fun game and I’d recommend it highly for anyone who enjoys roll and writes (and that’s everyone right?). If you’d like to learn more about the game check out this video.

The Result

Two player Harvest Dice is a very tight game. The balance of the game is to invest in vegetables that the other player doesn’t have and then try and finesse the value of the vegetable you focus on up. It’s very tightly balanced and tends to come down to a few decisions in the end if everyone plays a solid game.

This was a very tight game with a fairly low score for us. In the end I did manage to pull off a victory, 93 to 81.

And with that the competition is over! Thank you all for following!

The Wrap Up

Thank you all for following along! In the end Rachel won 3 weeks of 5 to win the competition, although I did manage to fight my way up to 13 wins to Rachel’s 12. This was far and away the closest and most fun this competition has been. Rachel and I both enjoyed ourselves and really appreciated all of your support through this charity challenge.

We will see you next year!