Week 4 - Game Night 3 and 4 - Champion Crowned!

Welcome back to our Extra Life Board Game Challenge blog updates! Apologies for the delay in getting this update posted. Rachel has been suffering a pretty brutal flu all week and she’s been crashing more or less every night after work slowing down our challenge progress. Don’t worry we’re still working away and will make up the time in December if we have to.

As a reminder we are doing this board game challenge, playing games every night for five weeks of November raising money for Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital. We’ve currently raised $450 of our $500 goal! We are so close – thank you everyone who has donated so far, if you’d like to donate you can do so here.

Night 3

For today’s update we rejoin the challenge in Week 4 going in to Game Night 3. Rachel just lost at Klask so she gets to pick our game for Night 3.  Rachel is picking a two player favourite – Fugitive.  Fugitive is a game that has a Marshal trying to track down a Fugitive.  Each turn the fugitive plays a card and the marshal tries to guess which card she played.  The cards are numbered 1 to 42 and the fugitive must play a card within 3 of the one they just played, creating a path to follow.  For a full view of the game you can check out The Dice Tower’s review.

Fugitive Box Art

We played a best of three.  We’ve had a theory that the Fugitive is easier to win with so Rachel decided to start as the Fugitive (since it was her advantage).  She took the first game by escaping as the fugitive.  I was right on her heels but my final guess missed the mark and that was that.  I took the fugitive for game two and sprinted through.  I was about 2-3 cards ahead of Rachel the whole game and managed to hold that.  For Game 3 Rachel made a very bold call: She was going to win with the Marshal, something that hadn’t happened yet.  I pulled out and but very quickly Rachel closed the gap.  She managed to guess two cards in a row and boom, she had won night 3.

Marshal taking notes
Marshal taking notes!

That puts us at 2-1 for Rachel in Week 4, meaning if she wins Night 4 she wins.

Night 4

Rachel and I were both not feeling very well on Night 4, so I decided to pick a game that was fairly light (and we’ve played a lot) but thought I had an edge with.  I picked Jaipur for the bubble match.  Jaipur is a card trading game where you are trying to collect sets of different goods to score points.  Here’s a Rahdo run through of the game to demonstrate how it all work.

Jaipur on the table

Jaipur is played best two of three.  Rachel straight wiped the floor with me in game 1.  She pulled ahead and I just couldn’t catch up, and she beat me handily.  For Game 2 I knew the whole tournament was on the line so I dug deep.  I nailed the first half of the game, I probably played near perfect.  It wasn’t enough.  In the end Rachel beat me handily.


And there it is!  Rachel has won yet again, and one game night earlier this year.  Last year she beat me in 20, she did it in 19 this year.  I’m so proud of her and so happy to have a partner who can provide such a challenge.

Rachel with her trophy

So we’ll be playing the remaining game nights over the next week!  We have six more to go.  I can still win the consolation prize of winning the most game nights (Rachel has won the actual competition by winning 3 game nights of 5 at this point).